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PaperStone is available in sophisticated designer colors in two series.
Because it is a natural material, color variations may be expected.


slate thumbnail evergreen thumbnail mocha thumbnail gun metal thumbnail sienna thumbnail leather thumbnail

chocolate thumbnail denim thumbnail cabernet thumbnail


almond thumbnail pewter thumbnail

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PaperStone is a high performance surface backed by a 10 year warranty. It has these key characteristics:

  • Extremely high impact resistance rated at 45,000 psi in direct force.
  • Stain, and heat resistance comparable to high-end natural and man-made materials make it suitable for a wide range of applications in health care and foodservice.
  • Excellent dimensional stability which allows for the use of PaperStone in structural applications.
  • Class A Rating (ASTM E84) for both Flamespread and Smoke Development.
  • UV Stability. Darker colors are very UV stable. Lighter colors can be expected to experience shifts due to UV exposure. These variations can be subtle or dramatic depending on conditions, much the same way natural hardwoods like cherry will change over time.
  • Paperstone is a color-through material and will not scratch white.
  • Minor scratches and most stubborn stains can be removed with a ScotchBrite Pad or very light sanding followed by use of PaperStone Finish.