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ECO-SCREEN PRIVACY PARTITIONS are comprised of two primary components: 1) Composite panels made from FCS-certified post-consumer recycled paper. This paper is saturated in a petroleum free phenolic resin and is then pressed into a panel using both heat and pressure. The process transforms recycled paper into an extremely strong and durable solid surface that is cross-linked at the molecular level, making it a class A fire rated panel that will not delaminate, is extremely graffiti resistant and will not absorb moisture, making it an ideal surface for privacy partitions. 2) The hardware is selected for longevity. Paper phenolic panels are substantial in weight and extremely durable, consequently we incorporate only hardware that has been tested and proven into the Eco-Screen system.

General Cleaning: Soapy warm water applied and removed with a soft cloth or sponge is the best solution for general cleaning. If necessary, for sanitary reasons, a bleach solution may be applied but the bleach content should not exceed 10%. Do not incorporate or apply other chemicals. Eco-Screen partitions are designed to operate within harsh conditions and under typical use are easily maintained and provide a lifetime of functionality. Contact Eco-Screen Partitions (#866-896-1127) for any circumstances that may be extraordinary.

Scratch and Stain Removal: While extremely scratch and stain resistant, accidents, incidental damage and occasionally abuse can lead to the product being scratched or stained. To remove light scratches and/or stains, use a maroon Scotch-Brite pad with light buffing. If harsh scratches occur, use the same process using a 220 grit or above sandpaper on a random orbital sander. Excessive sanding in the same area may result in light spots. Refinishing of the whole area may be needed to keep a consistent look across the entire surface. The panel components are supplied by Eco-Screen Partitions with a proprietary PaperStone™ Finish (all natural and food safe) pre-applied and extra finish is provided with the order. If more is needed, it can be acquired in an easy application format directly from Eco-Screen Partitions. After buffing of sanding the affected area, wipe area with damp cloth to remove dust particles. When dry, apply a liberal coat of PaperStone™ Finish to the affected area using a soft clean cloth in a circular motion. Let finish set for a minimum of 20 minutes and wipe off excess. Continue wiping with a soft cloth until you can no longer see fingerprints on the surface. Finally buff with a fresh, clean, soft cloth to give a rich and even luster. For best results, do not use finished area for approximately 12 hours to allow the finish to acquire a full cure. For ongoing maintenance, use PaperStone™ Cleaner and Rejuvenator (also available from Eco-Screen Partitions or your local PaperStone™ dealer) as often as needed to achieve the desired look.

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