eco-screen intermediate system header
ecoscreen intermediate system illustration

The INTERMEDIATE series incorporates 3/4" material for all PaperStone components and is available with either an aluminum or PaperStone head-rail. The Intermediate series extends to the decision maker a number of options including the addition of radiuses to the top of doors, panels and even head-rails. These custom options turn a typical utilitarian application into a restroom with attractive, furniture like, inviting privacy compartments.


  • Extremely Durable
      Structural Stability
      Vandal Resistant
      Graffiti Resistant
      99.9% Moisture Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • 3/4” Panels & 3/4” Doors
  • Radius Options for Top of Doors,
      Panels and Head Rails
  • Floor Mounted Installation
  • Floor to Ceiling Mount
  • Ceiling Hung Installation
  • Aluminum or PaperStone Head-rail
  • Custom – Made to order